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UNIVERSAL FUMIGATORS AND PEST CONTROL specialises in the control of wood boring bee infestation in the timber structures of roofs.

"Anobiidae is a family of beetles. The larvae of a number of species tend to bore into wood, earning them the name "woodworm" or "wood borer". These species are pests, causing damage to wooden furniture and house structures"


Have you had your roof inspected for Borer Bees?

Your roof may be invaded by wood boring insects. Why not have your roof inspected for Borer Bees?

Even if your roof is not infected, it may be a good time to treat the eaves timber to repel the damage causing Borer Bees.   

Hearing Creepy Crawly sounds in your roof?

Borer Bees and their larvae are actively feeding on your roof timber. Get UNIVERSAL FUMIGATORS Borer Bee TREATMENT done to stop them in their tracks!!!

Every year home owners spend thousands of Rand's rebuilding and repairing roofs, extensively damaged by the Borer Bee.

Borax is pet friendly and not harmful to humans. It kills Borer Bees instantly, It also helps keep other insects away. Treatment is applied to exterior timber eaves. The chemical is a natural repellant.

The Infestation begins with small ,crater type bite marks. Very soon, a Tunnel appears in the timber. Eggs are laid in the Tunnel by the female Borer Bee. After the larvae have hatched, total destruction occurs from the inside of the timber.

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